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GRObio’s groundbreaking science expands the amino acid alphabet to deliver on the promise of protein-based therapies

We are redefining therapeutics by leveraging new protein building blocks to transform treatment for countless patients.

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The GRO Platform

The GRO platform expands the amino acid alphabet to overcome the limitations of protein therapeutics currently impeding the treatment of disease

We’re delivering on the long-awaited promise of protein therapeutics by solving the intrinsic limitations of proteins on potency, stability, and function. The GRO platform shortens development timelines and is the only system capable of seamlessly scaling production of NSAA (non-standard amino acid) proteins to meet clinical needs.

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Our Pipeline

Today, we’re focused on our first two families of NSAA chemistries to drive our product pipeline

GRObio is advancing its first two families of NSAA chemistries to build its product pipeline. DuraLogic™ chemistries focus on therapeutic stability and dosing schedule, while ProGly™ chemistries provide biologics that reeducate the immune system to treat autoimmune disease, or to eliminate immunogenic side-effects of protein-based therapies.

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