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Future Chemistries

A new universe of amino acids

GRObio has access to expansive new therapeutic capabilities provided by non-standard amino acids (NSAAs). Each NSAA is carefully selected to overcome specific limitations found in current therapies.

  • GRObio taps into the universe of NSAAs to address pressing unmet clinical needs
  • New NSAA chemistries will support a portfolio of protein therapeutics that fulfill the promise of precisely controlled activity, catalysis of novel reactions, defined cellular targeting, and other novel capabilities
  • The GRO platform is readily extensible to new NSAAs by leveraging our proprietary biofoundry

Our biofoundry dramatically accelerates development timelines while standardizing workflows for expanding the NSAA alphabet.

  • Adding a new NSAA to the platform requires engineering novel protein translational machinery
  • To perform this task we’ve built a biofoundry that combines state-of-the-art computational protein design tools with high-throughput robotics
  • Our biofoundry workflows bring dramatic acceleration and million-fold increases in sampling, making routine work of the once cumbersome process of engineering NSAA protein translational machinery
1 – Start with a proprietary database of translational machinery templates
2 – Apply computational protein design tools to templates to generate large libraries of NSAA-specific candidates
3 – Construct designed libraries with automated DNA assembly workflow
4 – Develop customized functional screen specific for the NSAA
5 – Run high-throughput customized screen on the constructed libraries.
6 – Resulting translational machinery has high specificity and activity towards the new NSAA