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Our Pipeline

We're removing limitations in existing therapeutics to create improved treatments across a range of conditions including autoimmune and metabolic diseases

We’ve harnessed a platform with countless novel applications. We pair the extensibility of our platform with in-depth assessments of patient needs. Our approach allows us to focus on medical conditions where we can make a unique impact on critical therapeutic properties including safety, potency and immunogenicity.

GRObio is advancing its first two families of NSAA chemistries to build its product pipeline. DuraLogic™ chemistries focus on therapeutic stability and dosing schedule, while ProGly™ chemistries provide biologics that reeducate the immune system to treat autoimmune disease, or to eliminate immunogenic side-effects of protein-based therapies.


Open the doors to treatments with unprecedented duration of action as well as safer and more convenient administration

GRObio’s DuraLogic™ NSAA chemistries resolve longstanding problems with protein structural instability to provide therapies with fewer side effects and longer half-life.

DuraLogic™ Graphic
ProGly™ Circle Graphic


Imagine a world where we can reeducate the immune system to help patients live better lives

We leverage our ProGly™ NSAA chemistries to eliminate autoimmune reactions, and to prevent development of anti-drug antibodies that make treatment ineffective for patients.


Future Chemistries

GRObio has access to an entire universe of new therapeutic capabilities provided by non-standard amino acids (NSAAs)

See how GRObio taps into the universe of non-standard amino acids (NSAAs) to address pressing unmet clinical needs.

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